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The Secret Agreement Of 1800

But Talleyrand agreed that the treaties would not be enforced, preferring to reach an amicable agreement with the United States rather than put it in contact with Britain, which was an effect of quasi-war. American neutrality was essential for French plans for North America; In October 1800, Spain agreed to transfer Louisiana to France in exchange for territories located in Italy. [12] Control of trade in the Mississippi river system was a key aspect of a much larger global conflict in Europe, known as the seven-year war. In North America it was known as the French and Indian war, and the British and French fought for the right to maintain their competing territorial colonial claims. France finally lost this war and, by the Treaty of Paris, in 1763, it had to cede or abandon its entire North American territory; Canada and the eastern part of Louisiana went to the British and Spain took control of New Orleans. In a secret treaty, that of Fontainebleau in 1762, France had already ceded the western territory of Louisiana to Spain. In July 1800, Russia, with the informal support of France, founded the Second League of Armed Neutrality, whose signatories declared their ready to oppose the British policy of finding neutral smuggling vessels. This allowed Talleyrand to accept the principle of free trade, free goods, freedom of convoys, demanded by the Americans, while victories at Marengo in June and Hohenlinden in December forced Emperor Francis II to peace. In February 1801 he ceded the Austrian territories in Italy demanded by Spain in the Treaty of San Ildefonso. [13] In the 1790s, the United States was in the midst of another war between France and Great Britain. The French Revolution had degenerated in 1793, beyond a national conflict, into a global conflict.

The United States wanted to be neutral and allowed to trade with France, but Britain had nothing to gain and seized American ships and forced American sailors to serve in the British Navy. In 1794, Jay`s Treaty resolved hostilities with Great Britain, but France was furious at the conditions and perceived partnership between the United States.