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Separation Agreement Form Maryland

While the parties can develop a separation agreement without the assistance of lawyers, it is often risky. Without knowing their legal rights, the parties may develop an agreement that could create problems in the future or not address all the problems between them. Unfortunately, most people who file the marriage contract end up filing for divorce. And the Marital Settlement Agreement in Maryland simplifies your divorce proceedings and your pleadings to clarify the process. With this agreement, it is clear that you have an undisputed divorce in court. If you are interested in negotiating a separation agreement with your spouse, Shelly M. Ingram`s law firm offers the legal expertise and experience to contribute to a solution that works for your family. Call us at (301) 658-7354 or contact us via our website for advice at our family practice in Fulton, MD, south of Columbia. We look forward to working with you. If you do not have marital property, joint debt or child, you do not need a separation agreement for a divorce error. Can I have a breakup? There is no “legal separation” in Maryland.

If you and your spouse live separately with the intention of ending your marriage and you do not have sex during that time, this represents a separation. Separation may be a legal reason for divorce, depending on the length of your separation and your spouse. Right to Sue – The other party can still sue under contract law to enforce the contractual obligation or obtain a judgment of money for the amount owed and recover it. However, this only applies if the agreement survives the trial as a separate contract, even if the court amends the judgment. Spouse/Support Assistance – If you state in advance in your divorce agreement that the agreement must be merged into the divorce judgment, the court may then change the duration plus the amount of support if the circumstances described warrant an increase or reduction in the amount. But if the divorce agreement survives the sentence, then the court is not in a position to change the contract.